Ford Mustang 2022 The first information next generation

Ford Mustang will enter its new generation in 2022 and reports have indicated that the muscle. The car is going to be equipped with the primary hybrid power generator in its history. As a part of Ford's plans to launch 18 hybrid and fully electric models by 2022.

Ford hopes to create on the success of the present generation launched in 2015, which has maintained the title of. The best-selling sports coupe within the world for five years during a row. With special success in Europe where 55,000 copies are sold within the past five years, which are unprecedented numbers.

Ford Mustang 2022

Now with the introduction of Mustang Mach crossover. Ford's focus has shifted to the quality of Mustang coupe and coupe. And Ford Mustang 2022 intends to continue with the Mustang's popular V8 engine. But with electric generation to scale back fuel consumption, which we saw intimately during a previous patent for Ford from 2017.

The car is going to be a four-wheel drive, with the supply of an environmental position. That permits the engine to pack up and therefore the battery be satisfied. Within the case of low use and the battery is very charged... We also know that the upcoming Mustang. Will depend upon an equivalent platform as Explorer and Lincoln Aviator.

The question here is: Will Ford Mustang still offers a pure petroleum V8 version of Mustang. Or, will it's limited to the hybrid version? ... We'll not confirm this until a while ago.
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