Nissan 400Z 2022 may get a twin-turbo V6 engine

Nissan 400Z unveiled the 370Z on October 29, 2008, as a strong sports car, and has not undergone major changes since then, and while it had been previously announced. It had been to be unveiled in September 2018. The small print about the sports rear-wheel coupe is vague. And now one among the foremost reliable sources highlights the way to convert the Nissan 370Z to stay pace with the days.

The source revealed that the new Nissan 400Z Sports sedan, which is believed in touch. The name Nissan 400Z will draw its power from the 3-liter V6 twin-turbo engine from the Infiniti Q60, Which can generate 400 hp and 475 Nm of torque. This helps the powerful coupe to start out from 0 to 96 Km / h in 4.5 seconds, and while the Q60 Red Sport 40 is exclusively available with a seven-speed automatic drive. The new Nissan 400Z will get a manual transmission option also.

Nissan 400Z 2022

Nissan 400Z Sports Car details

Even if Nissan had an equivalent Infiniti engine without modification. A subsequent sports cars would be much faster because of its smaller size and thus lighter weight. And then, The NISMO version can get more energy because of the suspension, chassis, and brakes to make a stronger version.

The source believes that the official disclosure is going to be within a subsequent 12 months. Although, Nissan 400Z's appearance could also be delayed thanks to the virus outbreak. And therefore, the Nissan 400Z is likely to be among the primary Nissan cars to wear its new badge alongside the updated Z logo. And that we expect it to urge a totally renewed cabin With better materials and newer technologies.

In conclusion, Nissan 370Z might not be the sole Nissan 400Z that needs comprehensive updates. As we will say an equivalent on the GT-R, as long as the R35 is older than the Z. Also, Nissan's set to urge a replacement generation. But not soon, consistent with a recent statement made it's the chief Nissan product specialist, Hiroshi Tamura.
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