Mercedes S Class 2021 prepares for special tests

Mercedes-Benz S-Class 2021(W223) expectations are that the all-new is going to be unveiled in 2020, and seeing a prototype with light camouflage. This means the time for the revealing is approaching. As spy lenses have detected three prototypes being tested in Stuttgart, and that we can see the highest half. The car fully exposed Now, which provides us a far better idea of its elegant design.

There are still tons of camouflages elsewhere with the eleventh generation of luxury sedans. But we will notice some interesting details, like the very fact. That the corporate continues to check it with two different types of door handles. Because it has two prototypes on ordinary handles but the third appears to be a model AMG with pop-up door handles.

Mercedes S Class 2021

Features of Mercedes S Class 2021

All three cars feature a huge black grille. But the AMG features a more aggressive front bumper, while the new generation. However, Will retain the classic S-Class proportions with an extended bonnet and ramp lid while we will not see the inside design within the last set of images. But we checked out Previous on the enormous entertainment system screen. Additionally, to the digital dashboard, it's expected that the recently upgraded. The MBUX entertainment system is going to be available.

Mercedes-Benz S-Class 2021 is predicated on the new MRA II platform with a rear-wheel-drive system, which saves weight. Because of the extensive use of carbon and aluminum fibers. It is additionally more maneuverable, and therefore the dimensions of the posh sedan are expected to grow slightly. While there's not much information About motors. But it'll surely contain some sort of electrification. Whether within the sort of a light 48-volt hybrid drive. Or a plug-in hybrid. As we also know that the V12 will remain. The primary engine for the new generation.


Mercedes S

The S-Class 2021 is additionally expected to accumulate third-level self-driving systems active suspension. And a number of other technical and luxury features. And can be given standard wheelbase and long-wheelbase models. AMG and Mercedes-Maybach models.

In conclusion, reports from Germany reveal that the all-new Mercedes S-Class is going to be available for order from September 2020. With deliveries beginning in November of an equivalent year.

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