2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition Review

The new sold civic type R limited edition, today I'm going  to show you every thing that's different in this limited edition versus. the regular edition and explain, why this limited edition is worth 6 500 more than a regular type R.

So we can start with the phoenix yellow paint which is very interesting because on the window sticker and Honda's information it says phoenix yellow, but if you look inside the door the color code is actually for sunlight yellow. which is right there y82 where it should be y56 and that's very interesting because the paint code is for a different named color, which is what they named in japan and Europe.

2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition Review
Here in the us i think it's just to call it phoenix yellow even though the name is actually sunlight yellow, so going around the outside you'll see the hood scoop is painted black, to match the side caps of the mirror spainted black. and the roof is painted black all distinguishing this from the regular civic type R.

Making this the limited edition. also Honda has deleted the rear wiper and the motor and everything, in fact there's not even a hole there it's a whole new piece of glass which is really cool they blacked out.

the civic and then the other side the type are still blacked out so that's a little bit different, and then the wheels, these wheels are forged BBS. wheels with the Michel in cup two tires so the different wheels, and different tires that adds to the weight or that subtracts from the weight loss.

The weight loss on this car is 46 pounds compared to a regular civic type R, so it's quite a bit lighter part of that is the BBS wheels. the rest of it is the sound dentin material that they took out of the roof the dash and the rear of the car.

So the car has been stripped and performed a lot of the sound dead materials, the wheels have been forged, and they're much lighter R now on to the suspension.

The suspension has a special tune now Honda hasn't said exactly what they did, but they tuned the adaptive suspension special for the type R limited edition one reason i think, they did this is because they wanted to get the suzuka track record and the nur burg record back, and so they had to tune the suspension slightly to get that. so those are some or all the changes on the outside of the car.

2021 Honda Civic Type R Limited Edition
And now coming inside the vehicle, because this is a limited edition these are limited in the us to only 600. this one here is number 59 so every country gets their own plate and they have the country region name on there and then what number it is, also on the inside to reduce some more weight.

Honda has deleted the rear vents for the heating and air conditioning, other than that inside it's identical to a regular civic type R, no other changes inside here so that's what you get for an additional 6 500 over the regular civic type R.

These are limited to 600 only for the country they're also built in Swindon England,  this is a sold unit most of these are already sold.

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