Sergio Perez Is Joining Red Bull Racing

Sergio Perez Is Joining Red Bull Racing
Two weeks ago, Sergio Perez used a bad weekend for Mercedes to finally become the Formula 1 winner at the end of his tenth season. Perez already knew he was going to land at Racing Point and didn't know if he would ever compete in Formula 1 again. He now has a better race of 2021 and came to Red Bull Racing as a teammate with Max Verstappen.

Perez became Verstappen's fourth teammate in the past four years, replacing Alex Albon after just a year and a half. He will be the first Red Bull driver to be appointed outside of the team's young driver program since the group hired Mark Webber in 2007, and the first since Sebastian Vettel won a race when he joined the team is Team.

The Red Bull Racing team finished second in the constructors' championship last season, but Albon only finished seventh.

Albon never seemed to fit in a car, which seemed to fit the specific needs of the Verstappen driver better than his teammate. He only climbed twice on the podium at Red Bull and didn't book any wins. Perez, who finished fourth in the drivers' championship with Racing Point last season, must change that.

It is only a one-year deal for Perez who will enter the drivers market in 2022 as the coveted free agent chauffeur without long-term membership in a large network team. In a successful season, Perez could return to Red Bull, but he might also lead to talks to replace a young Ferrari driver, return to the Mc Laren team he joined for a season, or even a transfer to Mercedes.

AMG F1 is in play. In front of the gate. Regardless of whether Red Bull tries to help him or not, he and the team are hoping to win and fourth in the championship standings next season.

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