Dwayne Johnson The Rock can't fit in a Porsche Taycan While Filming a Movie

IF YOU SMALL WHAT THE ROCK IS COOKING, Not this time the rock,we have some Electrifying news about the rock, as we all know he is a Retired wrestler and current actor under the name of Dwayne Johnson AKA The Rock is an amazing werstler and great man. It is officially recorded at 6 feet 5 inches and 260 lbs. But more than his size and weight, his Rockness is high shaped more like a boulder, with huge muscles than all of the Deltauto workers combined. This means that you will struggle to access as many stealth vehicles as the Porsche Taycan.

Dwayne Johnson  The Rock can't fit in a Porsche Taycan


Johnson took to Instagram to share how he came down from the cliff in Taycan's front seat. Obtained to contain the scene from upcoming Netflix movie "Red Notice". Let's us see what the Rock says:


Maybe the Rock should consider slimming down a bit because he got into this situation before when he was filming the show "Ballers." he coudln't fit into  the Ferrari LaFerrari. but this isn't the first time a tiny vehicle caused problems to actors while making a movie like Sean Connery who didn't fit into Toyota 2000GT car during a movie called You Only Live Twice which forced the stuff to make a modifications that reportedly included removing the top and cutting down the windshield to make it easier to see the actors' faces.

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