Fordzilla P1 Virtual Race Car Comes To Real Life

Fans today we're going to be talking to you about the new fake sort of ford racing vehicle, it's called the fordzilla. and basically ford themselves put together a digital car for sim racing they haven't announced which games this is going to be on.

They haven't announced if it's going to be on forza, if it's going to be released on the new gran turismo, or gt sport. they haven't really announced anything at all if it's going to be on project cars, but project cars doesn't really do any.

Fordzilla P1 Virtual Race Car
Basically prototype cars as far as we have seen so far, so what this is telling us is this is a car that is produced by four digitally to be put into probably one of the newer games that are coming around pretty soon. so what does this tell us, well first off if this car is in gran turismo 7, then it's probably going to be the direct competitor to the dodge srt tomahawk, which is currently the fastest car in gran turismo sport now.

Finally we have a car that's probably going to rival that amazing dodge, but what does this mean what does this really mean for car manufacturers, this is how our mind goes, doesn't go with  that's kind of cool they made a nice little digital car, what ever what this tells us, is maybe car companies are starting to really branch off, obviously they've been making real cars for a long time, and they're struggling to get into the electric car market, because Tesla is absolutely murdering them right now.

So they're probably now trying to feather we guess out, and try to touch different markets, maybe there they could try to license this car to different video game makers, that's a possibility, obviously we all know there's prototype cars that actual like car manufacturers make any ways. there's bugatti who makes their prototypes for gran turismo dodge, and so many others volkswagen.

They all kind of make their prototypes, but for this to hit actual mainstream news because we actually seen this on the news today,  but we posting this tomorrow so yesterday kind of makes us wonder why and how it made mainstream news, because usually sim racing and racing games in general don't get that kind of publicity, and obviously we wanted to try and do some research, and be like hey is this actually happening or is this just the news station being like hey we have some fake news it's actually probably happening 99.99, because gt online actually says that it's happening so that's kind of cool so gt planet like we just mentioned their article headline says ford reveals the ultimate virtual racer team fordzilla p1 concept,

Than they also released a video and it's playing behind us if you haven't figured that out, so they haven't announced what the strength or power of this car. is they've  basically announced what it looks like so maybe, they're leaving it up to the gaming manufacturers to say what it's going to have, but if we know a car manufacturer as well as we do, which is ford we have multiple family members who work for ford, they haven't said anything we have asked them, they haven't said anything about this car yet.

But for us knowing how ford works they're going to want to say it's going to have this much power. it's going to have this much this much torque, it's going to be this much weight, in the front in the back, it's going to have this kind of a grip on the wheels, and they're really going to go in depth, and of course they are company that has a lot of investors, and their stock price hasn't been doing very well recently.

So we are going to assume that they're going to probably license this car to the gaming manufacturers to use, and that's how they're going to probably make their money back on putting probably 30 or 40 people to create this car.

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