The Brutal Mercedes 280 SL Pagode 1968 Review

MB 280 SL Pagode  1968

Strong points:

• Fully restored
• Manual transmission (only 882 cars)
• Top model of the Pagode series
• Black soft top and red hard top available

This Mercedes 280 SL is the absolute top model of the Pagode series. A hardtop was designed which made this car popularly called the Pagoda, thanks to the curved shape of the roof.

Very popular Mercedes-Benz 280 SL Pagoda

Although the Mercedes-Benz 280 SL was sold more often than the 230 and 250 SL, the manual transmission was only ordered 882 times. This Mercedes that we offer has the manual gearbox and is very popular with collectors.

Fully restored Mercedes 280 SL Pagoda

The Mercedes was imported from the United States in 1996 and was extensively restored 20 years ago. The car is very well maintained and used only for pleasure rides. This car belonged to a real enthusiast and you notice it in everything. The burgundy paint is in great condition and the soft top and hardtop look good. The dashboard is completely original and the upholstery is perfectly neat. The previous owner had a major overhaul in 2020.

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