Microlino, future competitor of the Citroën Ami?

Microlino, future competitor of the Citroën
The Microlino electric mini-citatine, a modern interpretation of the Isetta, is announced for 2021. Could it run on the Citroën Ami's flower beds?

The Swiss manufacturer Micro Mobility Systems, initially specializing in electric scooters, has been developing since 2016 a "zero emission" egg-shaped mini-city car inspired by the Isetta of the 1950s and called Microlino. The car got its European homologation in 2018 and, at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show, which was canceled at the last minute, its designers were to present the 2.0 version with a revised powertrain, suspension and interior. compared to the first iteration. Micro Mobility Systems plans to market the Microlino in 2021 and announces today that it has started testing prototypes.

In view of the small size of the Microlino, its simplicity and its modest performance, one might be tempted to consider it a future rival of the Citroën Ami. The two cars don't quite operate in the same market, but some motorists might hesitate between the two.


Quadricycle vs. mini-car

First of all, it should be noted that the Citroën Ami is approved as a light motor quadricycle, which makes it accessible from the age of 14 with an AM license, in particular thanks to a power limited to 8 hp and a speed capped at 45 km / h. The Microlino, it will require a priori a B license with a power of 15hp and a top speed of 90 km / h. Each of the two vehicles weighs around 500 kg.

In terms of autonomy, Citroën claims 70 km when Micro Mobility Systems promises 125 km. As an option, the Microlino can be equipped with a larger capacity battery (14.4 kWh against 8 kWh base) bringing this range to 200 km officially.

In both, the instrumentation is reduced to the strict minimum. The Microlino, which is entered via a front door like the Isetta, is content with a screen as a combined instrumentation associated with a mini-touch monitor in the center of the dashboard. In the Ami, the equipment is even more limited since the infotainment passes through the smartphone holder placed at the top of the central console.

small, electric microlino

The price, the friend's "club" argument

The ultra-economical construction of the Ami (identical right and left doors with reversed opening direction, for example) associated with the scale of the PSA group which produces it allows it to be offered at the very attractive base price of 6,900 €. Micro Mobility Systems announces a starting price of € 12,000 for the Microlino.

By its performance, the latter offers a priori more versatility than a Friend, but its services remain very modest and it is hard to imagine often venturing outside city centers. Therefore, can the price difference be justified? Response in the course of next year if the marketing of the Microlino materializes.

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