The Most comfortable Small SUVs. Episode 1, Amortization: Our 4 favorites

The comfort of a car depends on the quality of its damping. Find here the 4 most gifted small SUVs in this area.

Just because the seats are wide and plush like a bun doesn't mean a car is comfortable. The ground connections, a term which includes both the suspensions and the shock absorbers, are a key element because they must both ensure road holding and obviously filter the defects of the road to make the trip pleasant. This right balance, already not easy to find on a low body, is a real development challenge with SUVs. With these high-legged machines, favoring comfort means taking the risk of degrading road behavior or even safety (marked body movements, diving under braking, etc.). On the other hand, choosing the dynamism card with "firm" settings (not to mention roll control) is certainly to transform the machine into a "piece of wood". But the right compromise between the two is possible, as our selection of the 5 most convincing urban SUVs in the field proves.

1- Seat Arona

Launched three years ago (and restyled in the course of 2021), the small Spanish SUV immediately placed itself among the benchmarks in the category with its excellent sense of compromise. This involves in particular ground connections regulated with small onions. By that mean neither too hard to effectively filter the defects of the road, nor too soft at the risk of suffering the slightest bump. In short, this Arona takes care of fragile backs. Good intentions that pass, it is also important, by a quality upholstery.

Seat Arona

2- Renault Captur

If its predecessor particularly mistreated the occupants of the back seat with dry lifts on degraded asphalt, this second generation of Captur was brought up in the school of good manners. More progressive on the bump, the cushioning of the Renault SUV provides a good level of comfort. Be careful, however, not to choose large 18-inch rims which degrade performance.

Renault Captur

3- Citroën C3 Aircross

Without establishing benchmarks, the lion's SUV nevertheless offers a convincing record. Overall effective, we can just blame its damping for a hectic side at low speed on degraded pavement, a defect which is accompanied by lifts tickling the eardrums. But, we must admit that only the most demanding will complain.

Citroën C3 Aircross

4- DS 3 Crossback

Apart from a few percussions and transverse movements which wobble a bit, especially at low speed, this Crossback takes great care to look after the comfort of its guests, the better off being seated in the front for lack of a welcoming back seat.

DS 3 Crossback
Soon on our site, you will find the rest of our ranking of the most comfortable small SUVs with the quietest models and those offering the most pleasant driving position.

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