Toyota Has Finally Revealed a New Supra With a Targa Top

Toyota today unveiled a unique new Supra that was added to the SEMA360 builder list of online events earlier this year. Based on the unique Heritage Edition, the same bodywork, fenders and wheels are used. But there is one important plus: a removable two-part license plate. Supra was discovered above.

Toyota New supra 2020

This new Toyota sports car is called the GR Supra Sports Top and it celebrates the Targa removable part in the optional Mk IV Supra. This new roof is a two-piece composite element that can be removed by hand and can be stored in the trunk of a car when not in use.

Like the Heritage Edition, the sport hood's round tail lights and rear spoiler with basket handle are reminiscent of the Mk IV. The 19-inch HRE wheels feature large Brembo brakes, while the entire vehicle is three inches lower thanks to the new suspension system.

Toyota New supra 2020 interior

Toyota New supra 2020 back
It is unknown if the GR Supra Sports Top is also rated as a 503 hp Heritage Edition, although with nearly everything postponed the chances are high.
Toyota confirmed in a statement to Road & Track that the Sport Top is currently only available once and there are no plans to produce a copy. Regardless of the structural rigidity, we are convinced that the open roof will improve the driving experience. This is the manual transmission. We can dream, right?

Do you think Toyota should put the Supra Sporttop into production? Would you buy one? Do let us know in the comments below.

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