Bentley has sold record number of cars despite pandemic

Bentley has sold record number of cars

2020 has been a good year, at least for Bentley

According to the most recent forecasts, the Coronavirus pandemic caused new car sales to fall 15% in 2020 compared to 2019 figures. At Bentley, however, that was all good news.

The Volkswagen subsidiary, based in Crewe, England, said on Tuesday that it had sold a record number of its luxury vehicles in 2020. A total of 11,206 new Bentleys were delivered to owners last year. Compared to 2019, Bentleys sales increased 2% to give the company its eighth consecutive year of selling more than 10,000 cars. Much of the world has experienced economic hardship and mass unemployment as a result of the pandemic, but those with the purchasing power have apparently benefited.

The company's entry-level model is the Bentayga Hybrid, which will set you back $ 156,900.

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North America remained Bentley's largest market, with 3,035 new cars sold, and the company added the latest Flying Spur, which helped, uh, get buyers to buy. China also remained positive despite the country’s tough lockdowns earlier this year.

With a record year in store, Bentley said it had nine new vehicle launches coming up this year alone. The jury is out on whether we'll see car sales increase as vaccine delivery finds its pace, but it looks like Bentley is ringing in 2021 at an all time high.

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