Renault Mégane: new range for 2021, with special Limited series

Renault is reviewing the Mégane's offering: the basic Life version is disappearing, resulting in an increased entry price, and a new special series placed at the heart of the range is available.

Renault Mégane: new range for 2021
Already modified in 2020 on the occasion of the restyling, the range of the Mégane is again reviewed at the beginning of the year 2021. And it is even simplified, since the basic Life finish has been missed.

The former second Zen level is currently also absent. We have instead a new limited series Limited, which can already be found on a good part of the Renault range (reserved for the sedan). The special high-end Edition One series is still in the catalog.

On the engine side, the offer is further tightened, with a single 140 hp TCe petrol unit. In diesel, as was already the case since the facelift, we must be satisfied with the Blue dCi 115 hp. These two blocks offer the EDC box as an option.

The station wagon is offered with the plug-in hybrid E-Tech 160 hp, which is due to arrive on the sedan soon.

Finishes and main standard equipment

Limited: recognition of traffic signs, lane departure warning, automatic high beams, cruise control, front / rear parking assistance, LED lights, dual-zone automatic air conditioning, electric mirrors, hands-free access / start, navigation on touch screen 7 inches, Apple Car Play and Android Auto compatibility, alloy rims ...Intens: Limited + emergency braking with pedestrian detection, fatigue detection, fog lights, reversing camera, 10-inch digital instrumentation, 9.3-inch touch screen, etc.Edition One: Intens + heated steering wheel and front seats, leather upholstery ...RS Line: Intens + heated front seats, 17-inch rims, specific body kit, specific Alcantara upholstery ...


Les prix


  Limited Intens Edition One RS Line
Essence TCe 140 ch - 29.000 € - -
Essence TCe 140 ch EDC - 31.000 € 32.800 € 33.000 €
Diesel Blue dCi 115 ch 29.200 € 30.600 € - -
Diesel Blue dCi 115 ch EDC 31.200 € 32.600 € 34.400 € 34.600 €


  Intens RS Line
Essence TCe 140 ch 30.000 € -
Essence TCE 140 ch EDC 32.000 € 34.000 €
Diesel Blue dCi 115 ch 31.600 € -
Diesel Blue dCi 115 ch EDC 33.600 € 35.600 €
Hybride Rechargeable E-Tech 160 ch39.500 €41.500 € 



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