Static comparison: BMW 5 Series VS DS9: tradition or originality?

In a few months, the DS9 will arrive in dealerships. The flagship of DS, which represents the new French top of the range, meets for the first time one of its direct competitors: the BMW 5 Series.

Static comparison: BMW 5 Series VS DS9

The DS9 should have made its first official launch at the 2020 Geneva Motor Show, but it was canceled due to the Covid -19 pandemic. We will therefore still have to wait to discover it in concessions towards the end of the first quarter of this year. In the meantime, we offer you a first static showdown between the DS9 and one of its main rivals from across the Rhine, the restyled BMW 5 Series, a few weeks ago.

It is without a doubt in the area of design that the 5 Series and the DS9 diverge the most. The German, which is one of the historic models of BMW, remains in the lineage of the Bavarian firm's productions. Even if it has evolved over the years, we find the DNA of the brand with of course the grille made up of the two beans that have grown over the years, but also the traditional lines of the Munich manufacturer's sedans. combining dynamism and elegance. The 5 Series is steeped in BMW history, there is no question of breaking tradition.

Radically different situation at DS, which must build everything because the French brand is young. To find a place in the categories of large sedans, DS has decided to bet on a design much more spectacular. This involves a very massive, particularly wide grille surrounded by high-tech headlamps with unique kinematics alongside vertical daytime running lights. The most unusual feature is this very worked chrome ring which separates the bonnet in two. The peculiarities do not end there since the DS9 is fitted with retractable door handles and lovers of the brand will have noticed the taillights at the top of the bezel. The DS9 fully plays the originality card.

Interior presentation: a world of difference

Static comparison: BMW 5 Series VS DS9

Beyond their exterior lines, it is truly on board that we realize the disconnect that may exist between our two sedans and it is once again the DS that stands out. Its dashboard seems to come directly from the world of furniture. Very imposing and vertical, it consists in particular of 12-inch digital instrumentation and a multimedia screen of the same size overhung by a watch produced by French watchmaker BRM. But we especially notice the quality of manufacture whether in terms of the choice of materials (leather, alcantara) that of certain very exclusive details such as the guilloche, a way of working certain metal parts, the pearl point (a type of topstitching) or the upholstery like a watch strap.


At BMW, we are far removed from all these details, which may be considered by some as bling-bling aspects. The manufacturer shows more classicism. So, of course, digital is very present, but the screens are smaller than on board the French (10-inch multimedia screen). On the other hand, the atmosphere is sportier on board the German, with a multimedia screen turned slightly towards the driver. Here, too, the quality of the materials does not suffer any criticism.

Habitabilité : une DS étonnante

Even though our two opponents of the day have identical lengths of 4.93m, it's still the DS9 that stands out when it comes to roominess. The French is the one that offers the most generous rear space despite a wheelbase smaller than that of the 5 Series by 8 cm. A great feat, especially since the German is handicapped by an imposing tunnel which blocks the central rear seat. However, the DS9 must tilt for headroom or living width.

BMW 5 Series VS DS9 seets-2

BMW 5 Series VS DS9 seets-1

Equipment: DS advantage 

BMW 5 Series VS DS9 back
Unsurprisingly, the two competitors of the day have a very complete endowment with in both cases Full LED headlights, adaptive cruise control, reversing camera, access by smartphone or leather upholstery for example. However, it is the DS9 that offers certain features usually reserved for the upper segment. Thus, the French sedan is equipped with night vision, the controlled suspension receiving information from a camera which analyzes and detects the defects of the roadway as well as the heated, ventilated and massaging rear seat. Services unavailable on the Series 5 but appearing on its big sister, the Series 7. The DS scores large points, even if it lacks the gesture control enjoyed by the Series 5.

BMW 5 Series VS DS9 back

Engines: BMW takes over

Major differences exist for the engines. So the DS9 surprisingly skips diesel. 4 engines will be in the catalog: a petrol, the Puretech 225 hp, and three plug-in hybrid versions. To begin with, there will be the 225 hp (180 hp + 80 kW) two-wheel drive configuration. Equipped with an 11.9 kWh lithium-ion battery, it will be able to travel between 40 and 50 km entirely electric. Then comes a variant of 250 hp (200 hp + 80 kW) with a larger battery and a third version, four-wheel drive, with a second electric unit on the rear axle, which will develop a cumulative 360 ​​hp.

On the BMW side, the German manufacturer remains faithful to conventional carburizations, but also plug-in hybrids. Thus, the 5 Series is available in gasoline (20i 184 hp and 50i 530 hp), diesel (18d 150 hp, 20d 190 hp, 30d 286 hp) and plug-in hybrid (30th 292 hp and 45th 394 hp). The German supply is therefore more substantial and the powers more important.

The prices of the DS9 will be between 47,700 and 68,400 € while it is necessary to pay between 47,700 and 78,500 € for the Series 5. Thus, a DS 9 E-Tense 4x4 360 ch Rivoli + will be invoiced 68,400 € while a BMW 5 Series 45th 394 hp Luxury is sold for € 77,800. Even though the German is more powerful, the price difference is significant.

En attendant les premiers essais de la DS qui interviendront à la fin du premier trimestre 2021, difficile de prendre position concernant les qualités dynamiques de la berline française. Une chose est sûre, le confort devrait être de mise. Chez BMW, la recette est connue avec du dynamisme et des prestations dignes du statut de la marque. La berline française ne manque donc pas d’arguments, mais laquelle suscitera le plus d'engouement auprès de la clientèle.

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